Precept Upon Precept
Monday’s from 10:00am – 12:30pm
Adult Education Bldg, room A135/136
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Fall 2021
September 13 – November 15 (no breaks)
Jeremiah Part 1 – You’ve Forsaken Me: Repent and Return
Chapters 1–24 — 10 lessons $22.50 estimated workbook cost [In & Out available]
Jeremiah, a prophet appointed by God, spoke a hard message to the people of his day. It’s still God’s message today – a call to listen to His Word. Heeding Jeremiah’s message can bring healing and hope to all.
Winter 2022
January 10 – March 21 (no class 1/17 or 2/21)
Jeremiah Part 2 – When God’s Judgment Finally Comes
Chapters 25–52 — 9 Lessons $20 estimated workbook cost [In & Out available]
Jeremiah Part 2 covers chapters 25-52 and continues Precept’s Inductive Bible Study of God’s Word to His people through the Prophets. Learn what God’s message was to a rebellious Judah as Babylonian exile loomed.
No class SPRING BREAK — March 28th
Spring 2022
Session A. April 4 – April 25
Lamentations – Hope and Healing in the Aftermath of Rebellion Against God
4 Lessons $9 estimated workbook cost [In & Out available]
How do people survive when they have no hope? Where do they turn when there’s nothing but misery all around them? In whom do you put your trust and hope? The only true hope Christians have is in the Lord. Study Lamentations and get a glimpse of the God whose compassions never fail.