The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office “ONE Community” (Outreach & Neighborhood Engagement) Initiative is a new program that offers a 10 hour interactive experience spread over five days where various Sheriff’s Office Units will present and interact with citizens on the topics listed below. 
June 24-28, Monday – Friday
This experience is free of charge and is headlined with a presentation from the Sheriff’s Office leadership team and a formal graduation at the conclusion of the week.
Registration required to attend.
Use the link below to register. 
MONDAY (6/24)

Q&A with Sheriff Dennis Lemma
(Any & all questions will be addressed)


TUESDAY (6/25)
Seminole Neighborhood Policing

Specialized Services


Financial Crimes

Elder Services


Behavioral Services

City County Investigative Bureau


FRIDAY (6/28)
Undersheriff Lou Tomeo