Music Ministry

Music is a powerful medium. When God created music He empowered it with the ability to influence, sway, control and heal. Aristotle and Plato taught that behavior could be affected through music. It has been said that music is the governor of our emotions. Others have said that it is the language of our emotions. Music has healing power; Saul’s tormenting spirit would go away when David played the harp. Also music allows us to express a deep felt adoration for Christ that we cannot express through words.
Music is a part of every culture. Political leaders recognize the power of music. Music played an important role in the temple, the synagogue, and the early church. Also followers of Christ sing! Why? Because we have a melody within our hearts!
Our prayer is that at First Baptist Sweetwater we will experience God through music–that we will lift our praises up to God through music and that God will touch our hearts through music.  
Children’s Choirs learn appropriate musical skills using instruments, movement, and singing. They also learn scripture through praise music and songs. They learn songs all year long to help them participate in worship and gradually learn to lead in worship. They offer musical worship leadership for selected Sunday services, Christmas, and lead in the May end of the year child led worship service. Choir meets from 6-7pm on Wednesdays in the Children’s Building.  Choir is for children that are in kindergarten through 5th grade.
CHILDREN’S MUSIC DAY CAMP  (SuperSummerSinginFunner)
Our Annual Children’s Music Day Camp for children who COMPLETED KINDERGARTEN-FIFTH GRADE. Children enjoy a week of musical rehearsals, recreation, skating, talent show, wacky adventure day, and trip to Fun Spot.  The week culminates with a performance of a musical on Sunday at 6pm.  CLICK HERE for more information. Save the date for next camp, July 13-17, 2020.