We’re open for Bible study every Sunday morning at 9:00AM! There is a group
for every age! We’ll be happy to help you explore and find the right group for you.
Simply ask our friendly Guest Services Team member in foyer of the worship center, and they will
guide you to the best place to start. 


Our worship service begins at 10:30AM in the largest building on campus! It faces
Wekiva Springs Road and is quite easy to spot. Come early at 10:00AM for
complimentary coffee.

Our modern worship service begins at 10:30AM every Sunday with plenty of
comfortable seating open for you! Services usually last about an hour.

As you come, come as you are. Whether you prefer dressy or Florida cool & casual,
your attire will fit right in here at Sweetwater!

Bring your babies into worship, or drop them off at our safe and secure
Nursery! We even have a brand new “Nursing Mothers Room” just for you!

Bring your children into worship, or drop 3rd graders and younger off
at our safe and secure Children’s Building right behind the Worship Center.
Need help with anything mentioned above? Just ask.
We follow county authorities on masks. Currently, we request social distancing
but do not require masks.  

If you have other questions, fill out our online Connect Card or call us.
We’re here to help!