CAMP 2024

Join us on July 2nd – 6th, 2024
This Summer we’ve partnered with Central Baptist Church in Sanford, FL. Our students will have an opportunity to make new friends in the area, connect with their besties and leaders from Sweetwater, and make lasting memories. 
Our epic summer student camp is for students who have completed 6th – 12th grades. We will have high-energy worship, engaging bible studies, nightlife games, mega relay, and so much more!


We will be hosted by Lake Yale Baptist Convention Center, just 25 miles away in Leesburg, FL. This premier retreat and church camp location is a special spot for spiritual growth and all the fun we have planned. Click here for more info about the Lake Yale facilities.  
Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center
39034 County Road 452
Leesburg, FL 34788


As Christians, we constantly wrestle and battle with sin. Why is that? Because sin feels good! It’s easier to live a sinful life than a life for Christ. This has been ingrained in us since the garden. But while that life may be “easier”, scripture makes it clear that living a life of sin leads to death and separation from God. We are called to live abundantly for the glory of God and have eternal life with him. At Camp 2024, we will be taking a deep dive into what it looks like for us to stand up and say, “Not Today Satan!” as we pursue the life that God has called us to!



This year’s camp speaker is Pastor Joseph Gibbons of Favor City Church in Las Vegas.




Our worship leader for the week is Garrett Hornbuckle.
Check out some of his original music on Spotify




Student’s should be dropped off for check in at Lake Yale, Tuesday evening, at 5pm for Check-In (no later than 6pm).

Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center
39034 County Road 452
Leesburg, FL 34788

Lake Yale is about a 50minute drive from Sweetwater. If you need assistance with travel, or would like your student to carpool with one of our volunteers, please contact Pastor Dan.




  • Blankets, Sleeping Bag, Pillows (Students will be sleeping in bunks) 
  • Closed-toe, closed-heel shoes (for outdoor activities)
  • Bible, notepad and pen
  • Toiletries such as toothbrush, soap, shampoo, etc…
  • Spending money for snacks and camp store
  • Appropriate summer clothing
  • Clothes to get wet in for water day  (Modest clothing for both boys and girls. We kindly ask that you as parents help us with this one!)
  • Towels. We will have an afternoon of water related activities. So be sure that your student packs enough clothes, towels, and shoes!
  • We kindly ask that students do not bring additional snacks as we don’t want to invite unwanted pests in the facilities. 
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray



Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the policy on cell phones?

  • Students are allowed to have phones on them. There will be times when students will be asked to put phones away (mainly bible study groups, worship and reflection night).


What can I expect upon drop-off?

  • I have attached a map of Lake Yale’s campus to this email. We will be staying in South Camp, and this is where students will be checked in. There is a chapel near the water where Check-in will be held. Feel free to leave your luggage in the car until after you have checked in.
  • Check – in lines will be divided up by last name. Upon checking in, students will receive a bag with their T – Shirt, water bottle and name tag. The name tag will have the student’s team name, tracks, schedule and unit/bunkhouse.
  • After checking in, feel free to grab luggage and set up in the bunkhouse that your student has been assigned to.
  • Students and parents are welcome to grab pizza after checking in. This will be dinner for that night so please plan accordingly.
  • Once checked in and in their bunkhouse, students will have free time until worship that evening.
What about medical issues?
  • We will have a nurse on sight for general emergencies and issues that might arise during the week.
  • As stated in the waiver form, students are responsible for their own medication. If special assistance or oversight is needed, please notify Pastor Dan at your earliest convenience. 
What about clothing?
  • Students should plan to dress appropriately and modestly. The dress code is generally the same as our public schools.
  • “Clothing must fully cover areas from one armpit to the other armpit, down to the thigh. Lower garments must completely cover the buttocks at all times. All tops must have shoulder straps, be long enough to cover the waistline and must not expose the midriff or undergarments at any time.” (From Seminole County Public Schools)
  • Clothing should not feature obscene language or behavior and should not advertise for alcohol or any other products not suitable for students.
  • We will not have an opportunity to wear bathing suits. On water day, students should wear an outfit that they intend to get wet.
  • If there is an issue with inappropriate clothing, the response will be gracious, but students will be asked to change. Female volunteers will address the issue with female students and male volunteers will address the issue with male students.



If you have not completed the waiver form, please do so at your earliest convenience. You can find the link below:



While at camp, students will participate in various activities that they select ahead of time called tracks. Track selections will be due by the end of today. Whoever has not completed a track selections form, will be placed in tracks, so if you have not completed the form, please do so!



Click the registration link for information about earning camp credits and scholarships. 


Click the link below to pay your camp balance or to make a payment. 


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