Student 4 Hire
S2M Fundraiser
Saturday, March 9
Students and Adults, who are planning to attend Student Choir Mission Tour and/or summer camp this summer, are invited to participate in the Student4Hire fundraiser on March 9.
All workers will be divided into teams and sent to church members houses to complete the job they have been “hired” for.  Most teams will work at 2 different homes during the day.  Each job site pays a lump sum of their own choosing once the job has been completed. 
All proceeds go directly to FBS Student Ministry and will be divided equally among the participants. 
All workers are to bring:  lunch, bottle of water, rake and gloves. 
Drop off @ the South Campus (3801 Wekiva Springs Road, Longwood) at 8:00am
Pick up @ the South Campus at 4:00pm 
All students and adults who wish to participate, please click on the Registration button to sign up